Program for U.S. Military and Veterans

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With our upcoming launch this year, I want to let you know about our program to help serve the U.S. Military and Veterans.

My father, Papa Joe, who is a partner in this business, is an Army Veteran.  My grandfather, who is no longer with us, was a Navy man.  I had the pleasure of working on a couple of programs engaging new Veterans in training programs and Veteran-owned businesses in Department of Commerce/Defense projects.  Needless to say, we feel strongly about supporting the U.S. Military and Veterans through our new business.

U.S. Military and Veterans Individuals can post basic listings in any of our classified categories for NO FEE.  Those who are starting up a new business in current year related to any of the categories we offer on the site can set up their very own tShop for NO FEE for a minimum of one year to sell and rent products and services. 

Established Veteran-owned businesses get a 50% discount on any of our listing services.  Both U.S. Military and Veteran individuals and businesses can purchase listing upgrades for 50% off standard prices. 

Veterans looking for a job, I encourage you to post a video introducing yourself and promoting your skills in the Contractors For Hire and/or Job Seekers categories.

While we’re finalizing our outreach program to inform the U.S. Military and Veterans across the U.S. about the program, any assistance is greatly appreciated.  You can help us spread the word by sending a link to this posting to the U.S. Military individuals and Veterans you know. 

If you have any questions about the program or verification process , email us at:


Thanks so much for your support!

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