WeGoLook.com – “Verify Before You Buy” Service

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We have partnered with WeGoLook.com to offer our members a fee-based service that can check out the product you are considering to purchase to reduce fraud and misrepresentation.  It’s a “verify before you buy” service.

WeGoLook has over 7,000 registered Lookers who can verify the existence and condition of items with photos and videos and working demonstrations.

ToolsOfTheTrade.Co and our selected partners are strong advocates of preventing internet fraud.

ToolsOfTheTrade.Co does receive a small commission if you select their service through our site.  The commission will help us offer private individuals basic listings for no fees and keep our pricing competitive.

Our goal is to be known as the most trusted name and reasonably priced site in the online classifieds and auction business for tools and equipment.  To do so, we are partnering with the best-in-the industry to assist you with your transactions.

Thanks so much for your support!

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