tShop Storefronts

Sellers get more exposure with a tShop Storefront.  A storefront involves an interactive set of specialty pages on our site.

As a seller with a storefront you have the opportunity to highlight your listings and the advantage of profiling your company.

When site visitors click on your storefront they will experience a more personalized look of your listings.

Seller Advantages

Listed below are just a few examples of advantages you will have with a tShop storefront:

  • Unique URL – Sellers obtain a unique storefront URL.  Advertise your URL in emails and websites.
  • Store Logo – Sellers can upload their own logo for their storefront.
  • Welcome Message – Sellers can upload their own slogan or welcome message.
  • Custom Categories – Sellers can set up their own category structure specific to their storefront.
  • Storefront Column – Storefronts have their own column on our site’s category pages with a direct link to your storefront.
  • Auto Populate – Your listings automatically populate in your storefront.  Nothing more for you to do.
  • Custom Pages – Sellers can create extra pages in their Storefronts to provide additional information to their visitors. For example, create an “About Us” page or a “Terms & Conditions” page to reveal more information about your business.
  • Store Newsletter Signup – Sellers can offer the ability for site visitors to subscribe to their “newsletter” by having the visitor submit their email address.
  • Store Map Location – Seller can enter the address to the physical location of their Store if they have one that they want to advertise.
  • Discounts – Sellers get discounted listing fees and upgrades.

Upon launch of the site, be sure to check out our tShop storefront program.

As a registered user, you can order a tShop Storefront Subscription through your “My Account” area. After choosing the subscription period and paying for your Storefront Subscription, your “Storefront URL” will then show up on your “account information” page. You can post this link anywhere you wish to advertise.

Listings are sold separately.  We offer discounts for bulk listing purchases.  See the pricing page for details.

If you have any questions, email us at:  HelpDesk@ToolsOfTheTrade.Co

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